A space dedicated to #visionaries who interpret the sign of the times with their innovative proposals.

Behind every creation is the creative and visionary mind of the designer who made it.

This is why Milano Fashion&Jewels Exhibition has chosen to showcase VISIONARIES: a space born of the important collaboration with Poli.Design, dedicated to the #visionaries who have been able to interpret the seasonal essentials and trending colours.

Selected Poli.Design
September 2023 exhibition

Tribal Beat

Prototype: White
Paper, freshwater pearl, crystals
Macro Trend: Supercraft
Micro Trend: Handy

Handy is characterised by jewellery that looks back to the past and the value of the handmade

Selected by Poli.Design
February 2023 exhibition

Tribal Beat

Silk, cotton, freshwater pearl, amethist, crystals
Macro Trend: Like me, Like me Not
Micro Trend: State with Color

State with colour uses colour as a design constraint. Used individually or mixed together, colours take on heterogeneous meanings and shapes to satisfy the most eccentric tastes.

What those who choose Tribal Beat are looking for?


The concept of craftsmanship can take very different shades depending on a brand’s goal: to some, a creative approach is enough, and they assemble ready-made, mass-produced pieces according to their taste. Others design a line and rely on small industries or artisans to produce a certain number of item.

Then there are artisans who produce articles in limited numbers and craft most of the materials they use, starting from their own design. Finally, sometimes there are artisans who envision and create unique pieces, as a one-off.

Tribal Beat belongs to the latter group. How? Inventing design and models; choosing, cutting and sewing the leather and fabrics; investigating the history and the origins behind the amulets and the special decorative elements I insert in my jewels; spending time to find the right matching in colours so as to be interesting and unconventional, the mix that creates harmonious though unusual proportions.

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The creative process

The process is not always streamlined: experience helps, but it might take several hours before moving on to the realization part, not immediate itself, especially when you pay attention to details. Each piece is thought and made as if it were for me, standards are therefore quite high. That does not mean my jewels are “perfect”: otherwise that would remove the feeling of the hands that worked on them, it would be too much mind and less heart.

Fulfilling? For sure. Especially when I see a smile brighten those who find a creation suitable for them among my different proposals, because it triggers a memory, an emotion, something that gratifies their perception of themselves or of their physical traits.

Tailor Made

Upon request, I can create an even more personalized piece, according to your style or colour indications. Contact me and I will be happy to share with you the creative process of an even more unique jewel, maybe for a special occasion or a tribute to a loved one.

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Tribal Beat
Tribal Beat